Susan Andersen

(posted February 2006)
» Germany has been very, very good to me and apparently I'm selling like hotcakes over there. In fact when I was in Munich I saw Baby, Don't Go featured as their main selection in a prominent exhibit. I took several pictures of the display but then on the day before I was slated to come home, I left my camera on a train. Arrg! Luckily I'd brought two medium sized picture cards instead of one huge one so I didn't lose everything. That would have been a heartbreaker.

Clockwise, starting from top left:
Me in front of the train station bike park in Amsterdam. (I know, I know, it's not Germany, but we went biking in Rothenburg, so it's kinda related. Same mode of transportation. Same blue skies. Same sweetie.

Detwang Church outside of Rothenburg, Germany

The Soul Mate taking a break on the covered bridge near Detwang. He's since shaved off his mustache (Ooh. Smooth) and is down to two cigarettes a day. (Yay!)

All Shook Up

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