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Notoriety sucks

Hayley Prescott has had it with being labeled The Widow of a murdered hero. But going home again might not have been her best move. Her self-appointed #1 Fan wants to be her confidant. And the guy who made her notorious in an entirely different way still lives in Gravers Bend—and is every bit as hot as he was back in the day.

 So does being the guy in the wrong…

 Years ago, Jon-Michael Olivet tried to apologize for making Hayley the hottest topic on their small town’s grapevine. She didn’t want to hear it. Well, he is not the boy he was then. He grew the hell up and now he just wants to move on. Hard to do when he can’t stay away from her.

 And if it’s not one damn thing…

 Before the two can deal with old issues, the paparazzi track Hayley down and her #1 Fan begins losing grasp on reality. Yet, Fate so often has plans. And Hayley and Jon-Michael’s best intentions may just go up in smoke.


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